Trick Training—Teach Your Dog to Identify Toys by Name


Teach your dog to identify and get his toys by their name. It is a fun game, and it keeps him thinking.

  • Start with a favorite toy with a name that your dog already recognizes, like a ball. Put the ball on the floor, and ask your dog to get it.

    Naming toy 2
  • Praise and treat the moment he gets the ball. Repeat a few times until he gets the ball every time, and you are sure he knows it by name.

    naming toy 3
  • Now add a couple of objects that are not as exciting as toys, such as a brush or magnifying glass. Ask him to get the ball and reward if successful.

    naming toys 4
  • Try adding a second toy and still ask for the ball. If he gets the ball, praise and treat each time he gets it correctly.

    naming toys 5
  • Pick up the ball and repeat the process with another toy, until he gets to know the name of that toy.

    naming toys 6
  • Lay both toys and a different object on the floor. Ask him for either toy by name, and praise and treat every time he gets it right.
  • Repeat the process with a third toy and then other toys, until he knows all the names.

Now you can impress your friends by asking him to select a specific toy.

Remember, our dogs learn by repetition, so keep practicing! Keep sessions positive and short.

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