10 Brussels Griffons Whose Faces Say It All



If there's one breed whose face is almost human, it's the Brussels Griffon. Brussels can express their happiness, grumpiness, annoyance, excitement, whatever the emotion may be, just by their look.

Check out these 10 Brussels whose faces say it all.

"I woke up like this."



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"I'm saving this food for later."


"When someone says 'TREAT.'"


"Mondays got me like..."



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"Cold weather calls for some blanket snuggles. And nothing else."



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"I'm trying to get some work done here."



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"Maybe if I close my eyes, you'll just go away."



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"This is my happy face."



A post shared by Brussels of NYC (@brusselsofnyc) on

"I can haz nap now?"



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"I see you..."


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