7 Goofy Bulldogs Who Are Doing Things Their Own Way



Bulldogs are known for their intelligent (and stubborn) personalities. They like to do things their own way. You want to play fetch? OK, but a Bulldog is going to make it a little unconventional. He'll put his own personal spin on it. It's just the Bulldog way.

Check out these 7 goofballs who are just being themselves.


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This little pup just wants to play. This is no ordinary playtime, though. It's Bulldog vs. pumpkin and the puppy isn't quite sure what to do with the orange plant. How cute!



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"I don't want to get up. But I'll take all the cuddles and head scratches that you can offer."



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Fetch, the Bentley way.


Silly Daisy is trying to "become one" with the couch.


"Swimming is life. I'll get out when I'm good and ready."

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Owner says: "Go in your swimming pool." Dog says: Oh, OK. I'll go get my frisbee." That, ladies and gentleman, is Bulldog logic.


"It's called improvisation."

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